Nonprofit Program Advantages

There are many key elements in the advantages and disadvantages of running nonprofit organizations. In this article, we will focus on the advantages of nonprofit programs as well as what they provide towards communities and microenterprise development.

Nonprofit organizations provide microloans towards small businesses wanting to expand or start-up an idea which they do not have the finances for. These organizations provide funds towards these businesses and ideas at no interest rate.

This helps people in extreme poverty to be able to start up a business of their own. These businesses are small microenterprises that need to be developed into bigger businesses later on if the business owners succeed in making it work.

The similarity between different types of nonprofit programs is that they all contribute towards the community and growing the economy. Some of these programs do not last long before closing in. The organizations that close can be seen as individuals not doing the necessary planning that goes into running a nonprofit organization.

To ensure the success of your non-profit organization, you need to consider some of the key elements involved in making the organization a success.


To be a legit nonprofit organization you need to submit Articles of Incorporation. A nonprofit can not be operating unless they are properly registered as a nonprofit program by the state in which it operates. The Articles of Incorporation are to be submitted at the Secretary of State Offices and fees will need to be paid for the registration thereof.


Not all nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying taxes. All organizations have to pay tax until they are exempted by the IRS. All charitable organizations may qualify for tax-exempt status. This is a very important part to take into consideration when thinking about opening a nonprofit organization.

Mission Statement

For a nonprofit organization to run successfully, it needs to possess a vision statement or mission statement. This statement sums up what your organization is about and what it stands for. The plans and means of your organization are important for it to be considered as a nonprofit organization. A mission statement provides information on who your company wants to help. A vision statement clarifies its plans as well as having supporters back your and your organization’s plans.

Board of Directors

Depending on where your nonprofit organization will be situated, some states require a nonprofit to have a board of directors in place. The board needs to consist out of at least 3 members. By having a board of directors in place, you can draw from each member’s experience and knowledge.

A nonprofit organization can provide many attributes towards the development of microenterprises. They can provide award ceremonies for publicity of small businesses as well as microloans.